It is very easy to have your senior week ruined by a trip to the Ocean City jail, a big fine, or both. It happens to hundreds of senior weekers every year. knowing the local rules will help you have a safe and enjoyable trip to OC.


The Noise Ordinance

Violating this ordinance is easy to do accidentally and the local police use this as the just cause to search your hotel room or vehicle for any other violations. The most common way to receive a summons is by screaming off your hotel balcony at people on the street or cars going by. Blasting the music in your car will also get you a fine. 


The Open Container Law

Drinking under the age of 21 is illegal. Drinking on the street, sidewalk, boardwalk or beach is illegal in Ocean City, no matter what age you are. You will get caught if you decide to do so. The Ocean City Police have been dealing with sneaky senior weekers for a long time and they will not be fooled by you drinking beer out of a Pepsi cup on the boardwalk. The fine you will receive is not worth the risk.  The ticket is $500.00, plus you must return for a court date which is usually sometime in the fall when you won't want to come back to Ocean City.


Unregistered Hotel Guests

You will not be the first graduate who thinks they can save money by cramming 34 high school kids into a hotel room that is registered for 4 people. This is another stunt that is not worth the penalties. If you are caught you risk being evicted from your hotel and losing your security deposit. Even if you are not caught by the hotel staff, it is still risky because unregistered guests don't care if your hotel room is trashed or evicted. They don't have to pay for it, you do. So if you're going to party in a hotel room, do it in someone else's hotel.


Auto Accidents

During beach week, Ocean City is flooded with inexperienced and immature drivers. your best protection is to wear your seat belt. It is the law and you will be ticketed if you are not wearing one.  Also, stay out of the back of pickup trucks and site down when you're riding in a jeep. This is very unsafe and you're just asking for a ticket.


Crossing the Street

It may sound silly to be lectured on how to cross the street, but Ocean City has uniques traffic patterns that you may not be used to, and this has caused several casualties in past beach weeks. Most pedestrian accidents during senior week involve alcohol. Please use crosswalks when crossing all streets, especially Coastal Highway, and keep an eye on your friends who may have impaired judgement when crossing the street.   Also remember to cross with the lights, not against the lights.


When you get off the bus, remember that just because the bus is stopped at an intersection does not mean that the traffic light is green for you, therefore the traffic passing the bus may not stop. When you get off the bus, get on the sidewalk and wait for th light to turn green. Many people are hurt by getting off the bus, and then walking around the front of the bus and out into traffic, wrongly assuming that the traffic must stop when the bus does.